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Catherine, Prestwood

I always feel better for going to Kate's pilates class, and know I've done my body and mind a lot of good! My body feels stronger and more toned now, and the focus on breathing makes pilates relaxing too. Kate is an inspiring teacher - her enthusiasm for pilates comes shining through and she explains the exercises very clearly, giving options for different levels of difficulty. I highly recommend her classes, both to beginners and those who've been doing pilates for a while.

The other things I appreciate about Kate is her general cheerfulness and the sound of her voice … both very important!!!

Richard, Prestwood

After suffering with a lower back problem for several years which I put down to a result of my job being a gardener, I was recommended to give Pilates a try to see if it could help. I joined Pilates with Kate over 2 years ago and have noticed a significant improvement with the pain in my lower back, so much so that for the past 2 months I now visit twice a week. I have definitely improved my posture and am able to do movements freely in class that I would have only dreamed of 2 years ago.

Gilly, Beaconsfield

Pilates With Kate is an excellent workout. Pilates is about understanding the connections between your core muscles and the movements and Kate both teaches and reinforces this throughout the class. As a result of taking her class I recovered from a traumatic injury faster and I feel stronger now than ever. Kate's positivity and energy in the class have helped me to challenge myself and to get the most out of my workouts. I would recommend it to anyone at any stage. Even if you think you're fit and healthy you can gain so much from the core strength, stability and balance Pilates With Kate will teach you. 

Jill, Prestwood

Kate not only delivers the best, most professional Pilates sessions I've been to, but in addition is a lively, friendly and caring teacher who encourages and guides every participant. These classes are really special. I mean it !

Suzy, Prestwood

I've been attending Pilates with Kate for 6 months and I'm already feeling the benefits - and I'm delighted that I managed a Pilates move last week that I couldn't do when I started! Kate's positivity and love of Pilates comes through in every session. She makes the class fun whilst ensuring we all achieve results. Kate always gives options for different levels and abilities in the class, so you can push yourself a little harder if you choose to, and she always reminds us to keep our core muscles engaged and to concentrate on our breathing - things that I often forget to do!

I really enjoy my sessions with Kate and I highly recommend her classes.

Joanne, Hazlemere

Since joining Pilates with Kate I've become much stronger, feel fitter and have also lost weight. Kate's classes are fun, friendly and really enjoyable with a group of lovely people.

Evelyn, Prestwood

Since starting Pilates with Kate, my long term lower back problem has improved through strengthening my core muscles.  Each move kate teaches builds in difficulty so there is an option for all abilities.  She is always encouraging and I leave each session stretched but refreshed!

Thank you Kate, you are a very encouraging and great teacher, your body is a great testament to Pilates.

Wendy, Prestwood

Kate’s classes are very enjoyable and varied and because she explains each move very clearly you can choose what option is best for you  - beginner, intermediate, or advanced – it works very well because Kate is attentive to the group’s needs. 
I love Pilates.

Lizzy, Prestwood

Having had three babies close together my back caused me serious problems. I had daily pains and struggled to lift my children. My physio recommended Pilates. Since doing Pilates with Kate my back has almost returned to pre pregnancies. I now know how to carry myself properly and am for the most part pain free. I only do Pilates once a week but the difference is immeasurable. Thanks Kate!

Janice, Prestwood

I would like to write a few words on Kate's Pilates Classes and of course Kate herself. I have been attending one of her smaller classes for over a year now and most weeks she bring's something different to the class to keep it fresh and challenging. It maybe a new move or working with balls. Recently she has introduced new flexible bands which conjures up all sorts of comical things!

Kate always gives three different level's to each exercise and sometimes alternatives depending on the individuals medical history. I might add I personally find this very reassuring. As regard's to Kate as a person you will find her very conscientious and committed to her Pilates, she is also a very warm and kind natured teacher.

I throughly enjoy my class and at the same time it is doing me good!!!

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